IoT made easy with your CyberThings IoT platform
Get ready to fall in love with the unique CyberThings development boards – a small and simple, low-cost development boards that ignite the imagination. Whatever your dream is, the CyberThings boards will help make it happen – the possibilities for creating the next great IoT innovation are truly limitless.
IoT is about “things” connecting with systems, people and other things such as sensors and actuators. IoT field is emerging with a large variety of use cases and applications, requiring different connectivity methods and dynamic and flexible hardware capabilities. The CyberThings SDK and boards is the most innovative, dense and flexible IoT platform of its kind, simplifying and securing your development and relief you from IoT problems & concerns.
CyberThings NIC
Cyber things network card that enables you to transfer data between your things. The NIC support UART & many more interfaces to transfer data
CyberThings development board
enables you to develop cool IoT stuff in minimal equipment. Support 3v input via batteries or mini USB
Gateway hat - compatible with RaspberryPi
Connect CyberThings Gateway components right on the top of your credit card computers. Compatible with RaspberryPi GPIO
Compatible with RaspberryPI
Our gateway software can be run easily on RaspberryPI and other similar computers